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This page is a place holder the for the full site (coming soon), but we’d still like to introduce ourselves today. CrossPoint is a faith community made up of 6 campuses in 5 cities that share a common purpose and strategy. CrossPoint is a place “Where People Find Purpose.”

We are in many great places, but one great church! Each campus has its own connection to its community, children and youth programs, pastoral care team and worship ministries. But, we are all tied together through a common vision and teaching.

Each weekend our faith community comes together for worship, and shares in the same message delivered by Senior Pastor Andy Addis. For some campuses the message is delivered in person and others via video, when and where depends on the weekend!

We hope you’ll join us at one of our many campus with a variety of times, but more importantly, we hope you find your purpose as God intended!



Welcome to your CrossPoint

Locations and Service Times:

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Hutchinson Campuses

Venue 302 • 302 E. 30th Street

Services Saturday 5:00 PM • 6:30 PM

and Sunday 9:30 AM • 11:00 AM

Westbrook Baptist Church • 2005 N. Hendricks St.

8:30 AM • 11:00 AM

Sterling Campus

109 West Garfield

Sunday 9:30 & 11 AM

Hays Campus

1300 Harvest Road, Hays Ks

Sunday 9:30 & 11 AM

Salina Campus

1100 West Cloud

Saturday 6:30 PM & Sunday 9:30 AM

Great Bend Campus

2100 Broadway

Sunday 10:30 am


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Here’s a window into the weekly teaching of CrossPoint Church!

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