Getting ready for Eagle Retreat 2018

For those alumni welcome back and for all those who will be joining us for the first time… get ready to fly!

Eagle Retreat is a three day getaway retreat for students growing up in ministry households. This one of a kind event can really make a difference for the whole family. Friday through Sunday, everything we do is catered to meet the unique needs of these students in their 7th-12th grade school years.

Sunday morning we ask the parents to join us for a final session (worship) and debrief of the weekend. It’s worth every minute.

This year’s theme is Fighting (for the) Family. We will be exploring how to fight, how to confess and how to forgive. This has potential to be can epic year.

Make plans now to not only be a part of Eagle Retreat, but to take your family life to the next level… this changes everything. To register go to “Eagle Retreat 2018” page in the navigation bar above.

We’ll be posting more information as the time draws closer, but if you have any questions about retreat content contact Pastor Andy Addis (email), or for questions about retreat logistics you can ask Mari Parker (email).

Can’t wait to see you at Eagle Retreat 2018: Fighting (for the) Family.

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