Prepping for Eagle 2019

A word from Pastor Andy Addis

So here’s the scoop: Eagle Retreat is a weekend getaway for students growing up in ministry households. The event is always Friday evening through Sunday morning as a ministry student-only getaway (parents are encouraged to join the conference for the last session/worship on Sunday morning).

The weekend is lead by “Flight Instructors” who are all grown up ministry kids primarily of the college and career age. The teaching is lead by Pastor Andy Addis ( of CrossPoint Church ( and worship this year is being lead by Eagle Retreat graduate Noah Addis and company!

The theme for 2019 is L2J: Lead like Jesus and this will be a great time to get away, be encouraged and get ready to lead from your faith in the days to come.

L2J: Lead Like Jesus

Feel free to contact Mari Jaquith (event director- email) for more information, details, and/or clarifications. Also, spend some time on this site going through previous posts to catch a flavor of the event in video wrap-up style.

Then, follow the link to register: here.

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