This year’s theme is Family Tree…

So here’s the details…
Eagle Retreat 2012 is scheduled for March 23-25 at Webster Conference Center.

You can sign up by filling out the registration and medical release forms included on this web page in the right hand column. Simply print them off and mail them too:

TOPEKA, KS, 66606-2398

Registration will be due in early March 2012

See you there.


Media HELP!!!!

At Eagle Retreat 2011 we talked about how media affects us, and we were reminded from Proverbs 1 that we should, “Run from Stupid.”

This is the blog entry I promised.

We can pretty easily figure out the tv, movies and music to run from, but what do we run to?

Please add comments about TV shows, Movies and music that are safe for the soul!

There will be some difference of opinion I am sure, but this will mat least be a starting place to find some good stuff to pour into our lives.

Please… Comment away!

Eagle Retreat 2011

We are looking forward to another great year as we celebrate Eagle Retreat March 25–27!

This year’s theme is called Vantage, and it’s all about the perspective on the life of somebody just like you: growing up in a minister’s household.

  • What expectations do  our parents have on us?
  • What expectations does the church have  on us?
  • What expectations do we have on ourselves?
  • What expectations does God have on us?

These are important questions to answer so we can live our life from the right… Vantage.

A little help

Asking for a little help from our alumni, parents, grandparents, or anyone who values the special attention provided for students of ministry hourseholds at Eagle Retreat.

Currently, we make Eagle Retreat available to these ministry families for 10% of actual cost. But, with budget cuts, global recession and family needs, you can help make Eagle Retreat a possibility for students all over the Kansas Nebraska Convention of Southern Baptists.

For $200 you can make sure that a student has a place to stay, food to eat and enjoys the entire weekend’s programming at Eagle Retreat.

For the last 8 years, lives have been changed and homes have been helped, and you can be a part.

If you can sponsor a student, maybe two, or whatever you can do, please make your donation to the Kansas Nebraska Convention of Southern Baptists care of Eagle Retreat:

Kansas Nebraska Convention of Southern Baptists
5410 SW 7th St
Topeka, KS 66606-2398

Thanks so much for your thoughts, concerns and prayers. God is working in the lives of students at Eagle Retreat.

Eagle Retreat 2010!!!

I can’ t wait to see you at this year’s Eagle Retreat (if you don’t know what it is, please check out the about tab above).

This year we’ll be focusing on the concept eagle-retreat-2010-logobof working together, collaboration, teamwork, alliance, synergy, the git r’ doneness of the group/family/church that God has given us.

Everything in the media teaches us that we should be able to do it on our own, and if we are uber cool we need no one else… they are wrong.

Everyone needs an ally.

We were built for relationship. You need someone and someone needs you.

Don’t miss this year’s Eagle Retreat March 26-28, 2010.




Seeking more of Him and less of me,

Andy Addis